Saturday’s Letters to the Editor
Sep 3, 2016

Love it or leave it, Kap

EDITOR: I’m a long-time 49ers fan and have tried to stand up for the players in spite of some of their actions, but this is too much. Of course, our country isn’t perfect. When it was founded, women didn’t have the right to vote and were treated as second-class citizens. Many minorities have been oppressed in the U.S. as well as in most countries in the world. That doesn’t mean you should disrespect our country. It’s made up of millions of flawed human beings, so of course it’s not a perfect country.

Is Colin Kaepernick so entitled that he feels like he deserves a perfect nation? He is free to live in any country he pleases, so if he doesn’t like it here, he can go somewhere else. Disrespecting our country isn’t the way to effect change. If he wants to change things, then he needs to work on some positive way to create a better nation, not disrespect it.

Just as I respected my parents, even though they weren’t perfect, I respect my country. If every person tried to make the world a better place, it could happen, but change comes from within.

Kaepernick needs to leave football and work to help his black brethren, since he feels so strongly about this issue.


Rohnert Park

An enormous tragedy

EDITOR: I would like to commend Randi Rossmann, the reporter who first wrote about the tragic death of the two little Jenner girls (“Two children die after truck plunges into river,” Aug. 24). Rossmann managed to report the story, which brought tears to my eyes when I read it, in a compassionate, yet graphic way that conveyed the overwhelming tragedy that it was.


Santa Rosa

Taking issue with pot

EDITOR: I applaud Paul Gullixson’s Sunday column (“Do we want to become the mecca for marijuana?). It is well worth reading, whichever side of issue you are on. Finally, an article published in The Press Democrat that doesn’t sound like a paid advertisement from the yes on Proposition 64 camp. In my opinion, his piece contained much more of a journalistic balance of the issues then virtually anything I have read in The Press Democrat over the last several months.

A case in point: Page A1 of the same edition devoted 119 square inches of space and color pictures for an article that could hardly be considered a news item (“Cannabis growers take cue from wine”). The article continues with a further entire page devoted to what is essentially glorifying a marijuana horticulture story taking place in another county.

I thank Gullixson for his courageous piece and wish it had received more prominent placement, rather than being relegated to the bottom few inches of page B1. I hope it won’t be the last we read and hear about arguments against Proposition 64. Perhaps with large color pictures and many column inches depicting the seamier side of recreational usage.



Banning leaf blowers

EDITOR: I have heard that prohibiting gas-powered leaf blowers within Sonoma’s city limits would be bad for business. Can you please explain the possible negative effects on businesses? I find that if I’m enjoying lunch outside with friends, family or clients, or having a conversation outdoors, or just pulling into a parking space, a leaf blower is loud and disruptive, dirty and causes pollution.

Oftentimes, leaves and dirt and debris aren’t picked up; they’re just spread around and moved to a neighboring property. In the past, a good neighbor raked and collected their debris for mulch or disposal. I’m a proponent of that practice.

The value of any home is enhanced by being in a clean and quiet neighborhood. When the peace of a neighborhood is disturbed by noise and pollutants, this is a negative quality.

Many innovations improve our communities, but gas leaf blowers use precious resources and cause noise and other pollution. I think our community will benefit by returning to old-fashioned (remember our good friend the rake?) or cleaner, less disturbing methods such as electric or battery-powered blowers to keep our community clean and attractive.

I will be voting yes on Measure V to uphold the ban on gas-powered leaf blowers. It is a good decision for our valley.



Retriever attacks owner

EDITOR: A headline reading “Pit bull attacks owner” contributes to the myths about pit bulls. While it is true that the owner’s pit bull attacked her, so did her golden retriever. Pit bulls used to be called “nanny dogs” for their legendary skills with children. Shame on you for contributing to the bad rap of pit bulls.

I have volunteered at an animal shelter in Sonoma (Pets Lifeline) for about 17-18 years and pit bulls are some of the nicest, smartest dogs I have worked with over the years. Anyone considering adding a dog to their family should only get one from a reputable breeder or shelter where they are screened for temperament and responsibly matched to the family adopting them.



SR rent control

EDITOR: I still can’t believe my eyes. Rent control in Santa Rosa, one of the most beautiful places on earth and one of the most expensive (“Rent control for SR apartments,” Wednesday). You have restored my faith in elected officials. You really listened and listened with your heart to those of us who truly live paycheck to paycheck. I salute your act of courage and your obvious compassion for the little people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Santa Rosa